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Why choose Statistics?

Statistics is the science of learning how to effectively collect, analyse and interpret data, and it is the branch of Mathematics which can be used in situations where we cannot be certain of the outcomes. For example, when we test whether a new drug is making a significant difference in the treatment of patients. The course builds on the statistics you studied within GCSE mathematics, such as averages and probability. Statistics lies at the heart of the type of reasoning necessary for making important advances in the sciences, such as medicine and genetics, and for making important decisions in business and public policy. You may find the skills you learn on this course will support you in your other subjects such as Biology, Psychology, Geography and Geology, to name a few!


The A Level is assessed by external examination at the end of the second year.

Teaching and Learning Styles

Students are taught by well qualified teachers in a variety of ways including; example-led whole class teaching, individual work on exercises from text books or worksheets, paired or group work on matching activities or problem solving, watching video clips using online teaching resources, graphical calculators and computer software. A substantial amount of individual work is expected outside of lessons which should match the amount of contact time in class.

Resources & Facilities

  • Suite of teaching rooms equipped with data projectors and interactive whiteboards
  • You will need use of a statistical calculator, more information about which can be provided at the start of the course

Progression Opportunities

Having knowledge of statistical techniques is highly regarded by employers and universities. Skills learnt during this course would be invaluable for those thinking of going into areas such as Finance, Psychology, Business Studies, Geography, Geology, Sociology, Biology and Anthropology amongst others. You develop the ability to follow complicated formulae and instructions accurately, and this is a very transferable skill in a wide range of mathematical and non-mathematical contexts. However, if you wish to study Statistics at degree level you will need to study A Level Mathematics.

Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification NameMaths GCSE Req.English GCSE Req.Other Req.Desirable QualificationsSkills & Attributes Required for SuccessGuidance on Costs or Commitments
Statistics65Any A Level which involves some statistical research eg Psychology, Biology, GeographyMinimum of scientific calculator with statistical distribution function required: approx. £50-60

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