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Why choose Worcester Sixth Form College for Evening Classes?

Our aim is to encourage purposeful learning in a friendly and supportive context, one in which you feel able to respond to successful teaching styles. Our teachers are subject specialists who are committed to ensuring students achieve their full potential in learning. We offer a welcoming environment where teachers empathise with adult students and appreciate the challenges you face.

We can help you realise your ambitions by working with you to make a success of your course and by supporting you as you prepare to move forward with your

English and Maths Courses

English Language GCSEWednesday4:30-6:30pmFREE*
English Language GCSEWednesday6:30-8:30pmFREE*
English Pre-GCSETuesday6:00-8:00pmFREE*
Mathematics GCSE Foundation LevelWednesday4:30-6:30pmFREE*
Mathematics GCSE Foundation LevelWednesday7:00-9:00pmFREE*
Mathematics Pre-GCSETuesday6:00-8:00pmFREE*

**Courses will have additional examination fees.

Level 3 Courses

OCN Understanding Counselling (12 week course)Tuesday6:00-8:00pm£160
NCFE Award in Counselling Skills and Theory (18 week course from January)Tuesday6:00-8:30pm£300
Psychology Level 3** (2 year course)Wednesday7:00-9:00pm£300 pa
Sociology Level 3** (2 year course)Wednesday7:00-9:00pm£300 pa
Criminology Level 3 Certificate**Wednesday7:00-9:00pm£300 pa

*The courses may be free if you have not already achieved a C/4 grade or above.

Learn a Language!

FrenchAdvanced IntWednesday7:00-9:00pm£300
GermanAdvanced IntWednesday7:00-9:00pm£300
ItalianAdvanced IntWednesday7:00-9:00pm£300
SpanishAdvanced IntWednesday7:00-9:00pm£300

Our beginners courses are designed for students new to the language. Our intermediate courses are designed to give the practice and experience of speaking, reading, listening and writing at an intermediate level. You will be introduced to intermediate level grammar and vocabulary but the courses are not designed to lead to an exam.

Our advanced intermediate courses are designed to give you the practice and experience of speaking, reading, listening and writing at an advanced intermediate level. You will be introduced to advanced level grammar and vocabulary but the courses are not designed to lead to an exam.

Modern Italian Culture

An Introduction to Modern Italian Culture10 WeeksWednesday5:00-6:30pm£95

Study and discussion of aspects of modern Italian culture including literature and film. Classes will be conducted in English but there will be opportunities for people who  peak/read Italian to use their skills.

Languages for Business

Do you travel abroad for work? Do you have business contacts in other countries? Does your company want to expand into foreign markets? We all know that English is the international language of business but being able to speak even just a bit of the local lingo can help open doors and smooth the way to getting that all-important contract.

This Level 1 course teaches you the essentials of the language from a start-up level with a focus on the world of work. It is suitable if you are a complete beginner or already have a basic knowledge of the language. You may, for instance, have studied the language at school but need to refresh the basics to feel really confident. We will teach you the foundation language skills that will help you in the world of work: meeting and greeting clients and colleagues; making travel arrangements and getting around; booking hotels and ordering in restaurants; communicating via email and telephone; sales and promotions; providing customer service; learning business jargon; coping with social situations such as parties and events.


If you would like us to come and train your staff, please contact us for further details.

Art Courses

Creative Textiles for Beginners

Sample a range of printed surface pattern and embroidery techniques selected from: Free Needle Machine Embroidery, Hand Stitch Embroidery, Patchwork, Slashing, Applique, Felt Making, Direct Dying, Batik and Mono printing.

All you need is a basic drawing and sewing kit and access to a range of fabric shops. Please note that you are advised not to purchase any materials until course viability is confirmed. No formal qualifications needed, but a keen interest in textiles and embroidery is essential.

This course is the first part of a set of 3 courses (10 weeks each) which will extend your knowledge and creativity throughout the year. There are no formal qualifications gained for this course.


Counselling Courses

OSCN Understanding Counselling (Level 3)12 WeeksTuesday6:00-8:00pm£160
NCFE Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills and Theory (from January 2020)12 WeeksTuesday6:00-8:00pm£160

General Information

Courses may be free (for a small number of courses only):

  • GCSE Maths and English
  • Are aged 16, 17 or 18 years old on 31st August 2019

Students from outside the European Economic Area are unlikely to be eligible for Government funding and therefore will have to pay a higher level of fees. Please ask for further details. All departments are well equipped with resource material, although students may be encouraged to purchase a copy of the basic textbook. If you think you may require support to aid your studies, please indicate this on your application form and we will contact Learning Support on your behalf. Most courses, unless stated, will run for 30 weeks.
Free evening parking on site.

Course Cancellations

The College very much regrets having to cancel courses at short notice – please help us to avoid this by enrolling at least seven days before the commencement date of your chosen course. Minimum student numbers are required for courses to run. The College reserves the right to cancel or combine a course due to insufficient recruitment and will aim to give a minimum of two days notice. Students may be offered the opportunity to transfer to a similar course which may be at a different time or day, or request a refund.

Fee Refunds

Refunds will not be made to students who, having enrolled, find the course unsuitable or cannot otherwise attend, as these matters should be determined prior to enrolling.

Course Fees

Once enrollment on the course has been confirmed you will receive an invoice for the course fees. Payment should be made upon receipt of invoice by Parent Pay (details of which will be included on the invoice).

How to Enrol

To enrol please call Adult Admissions on 01905 362622 to request an application form or call at Visitors’ Reception at the College to collect an application form.

During the term time our opening hours are:

Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.30pm

During College holidays our opening hours are:

Monday-Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm
Friday 8.30am-4.00pm

Evening Class Term Dates

Autumn Term:

W/c 16th September 2019 - W/c 16th December 2019
Half term: W/c 28th October 2019

Spring Term:

W/c 6th January 2020 - W/c 30th March 2020
Half term: W/c 17th February 2020

Summer Term:

W/c 20th April 2020 - W/c 22nd June 2020*
Half term: W/c 25th May 2020

*Some classes may finish earlier

Please contact Adult Admissions on 01905 362622