We are now able to facilitate, with appropriate evidence of need, sitting your exam at home. This service is specifically for students who have been educated at

The College is able to offer this service based on the following regulation:
JCQ regulation - 5.3 Alternative sites for the conduct of examinations.
The JCQ inspection service are informed of our intention to conduct an exam at an address other than a Centre’s registered address. ie – the candidate’s home.

Regulations for this service include:

  • Question papers and exam stationery are kept in secure conditions at the Centre until 90 minutes before the published starting time for the exam. They will then be
    taken in a secure manner to the candidate’s home by two members of Centre staff. These staff will be external invigilators who have been trained in all aspects of the
    JCQ ‘Conduct of exams’.
  • Forms will be sent electronically to the JCQ Centre Inspection Service as soon as an entry is to be made and no later than six weeks before the start of an exam series.
  • Candidates may wish to sit an exam at home on account of a medical condition.
  • Candidates may wish to sit an exam at home on account of social, mental and emotional needs.

Steps to taking an Exam at Home

  • Choose a subject/level and Exam Board and ensure that you can sit this exam as a private candidate. • Contact WSFC to check that arrangements can be made to facilitate the entry and subsequent exam.
  • At this point the Exams Manager will visit your home to make sure that the exam ‘venue’ is suitable for taking an exam. The security of the exam and regulations to prevent malpractice are extremely important to check at this stage. Specific evidence to allow the candidate to sit an exam at home will be required.
  • Pay the fees.
  • You will then be provided with your exam timetable and information regarding the invigilation for your exam.