Information For Private Candidates

We can offer Private Candidates the opportunity to sit various A level, GCSE and IGCSE exams from all Awarding Bodies.
In the first instance please contact Alison Finch, Exams Assistant on 01905 362624 or email to discuss the feasibility of your examination requirements.

Examination Policy for Private Candidates
At the discretion of the Examinations Manager/Principal, the Centre accepts private candidates for qualifications from all Awarding Bodies, providing that appropriate administrative arrangements can be made to accommodate the candidate.

The following is an illustration of the charges for a private candidate:

  • £130.00 Administration charge per series for written exams.
  • £150.00 Administration fee charged per series for language exams.
  • £20.00 per subject additionally for coursework administration
  • £20.00 per separate room accommodation per series
  • £16.00 invigilation costs if required.
  • £20.00 invigilation costs if after normal working hours
  • £20.00 ‘Access’ arrangements administration per series.

Any other additional support to be charged as and when the situation arises after discussion with the private candidate. (If an additional practical examiner is required there will be further costs at the rate specified by the individual examiners. Each exam taken by the private candidate will also incur an entry fee. All costs must be paid by the candidate before an entry is made. Entry fees are variable and these again will be discussed upon application.

Private candidates will need in all cases to contact the Exams Centre to discuss the feasibility of taking an exam at the Centre and to discuss the payment and administration of the intended entries. The Centre will provide private candidates with the timetable for their examinations and will process the exam script in the normal way on the day of the exam. All examination procedures and regulations will apply and will be displayed within the Centre.

A private candidate who does not attend an exam will not be able to recover the costs of the exam unless medical evidence is provided within the Awarding Body deadlines. The reimbursement to the candidate will only cover the actual cost of the exam. Results of examinations taken by private candidates will be dispatched to the candidate by post as soon as they are received at the Centre. If a private candidate requires the Enquiries after Results Service, this will be charged at £10.00 for an original script, £12.00 for a photocopied script and a £10.00 administration charge will be applied for each individual request received.

Feedback from Private Candidates

  • Exam experience and administrative arrangements 10 out of 10.
  • Needs met and staff lovely and helpful.
  • Experience as a Private Candidate was great and I would definitely recommend it to others.
  • Will use the Centre again.
  • Highly recommend and because of my son’s experience as a private candidate he will be attending WSFC to take further qualifications as a full time student.
  • Really impressed with the whole exam experience at WSFC and would definitely recommend it.