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Sent off UCAS Applications - What do you need to do now?

Replying To Offers
Don’t feel rushed or pressured into accepting an offer - you’ve got time to think…

  • If all your universities responded to you by 31st March 2019 you need to make a decision and reply on your firm and insurance choice by 1 May 2019 deadline - so make your response by the end of April.

If UCAS do not receive your responses, they will decline offers on your behalf.

If you receive all decisions by 2nd May reply by 6th June
If you receive all decisions by 6th June reply by 20th June.

Unconditional Offers

Well done, you may have been given an unconditional offer but…

  • Don’t firm an offer just because it is unconditional…. think carefully about how you will feel if you miss out on the uni’ you really want to go to. If you firm an offer now you won’t be able to change your mind on results day unless you ask to be released through clearing.
  • Don’t slack off for the rest of your A level course - you have been offered a place based on your predicted A Level grades
  • Do be aware that some graduate schemes ask for a set grade in a particular subject and a minimum number of UCAS points so make sure you keep this future option open!

What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is a free service that allows you to keep applying for higher education courses even if you've already used up your original five choices, as long as you:-

  • Have applied through UCAS
  • Not holding any offers
  • Waiting for a decision on any of your initial five applications.

UCAS extra runs from 25 February 2019 for applicants who made five initial choices.

Not yet applied to UCAS

It is a good idea to contact the universities that you are interested in applying to ask whether they are still taking late applications prior to choosing them as one of your choices.

2019 Entry: Applications received before 30 June 2019

You will be notified by 11 July and have to reply by 18th July (time is tight!). Apply after 30 June and you will be entered into Clearing

Flowchart with important UCAS dates