Overview of the College

Summary of Catch Up Funding Spending 2022-23

The overall College policy was not to create one generic solution for every student with a 4 or lower in GCSE English or Maths but instead to look at bespoke solutions for academic areas that had particular problems with incoming literacy or numerous gaps. We have also tried to target students who are also on our lists of disadvantaged students wherever possible. We feel that this targeted approach will bring the best value to our students.

Level 2 Provision

To support Level 2 students, who are resitting GCSE Maths, small group sessions have been created of 1 hour each that will run throughout the year that are in addition to the regular provision. The sessions are run by specialist Maths teachers

In the case of GCSE English, two specialist tutors have been appointed to deliver catch up sessions in small groups.

Level 3 Provision

Targeted small group support for students with a 4 or lower in GCSE English. Extra sessions of an hour a week for these students was created specifically to support an improvement in their literacy skills.

General Study Skills

In addition to the above, English tuition tutors are delivering specialist study skills to their groups and members of the Learning Support Team have offered

  • additional 1 to 1 support to EHCP students
  • General study skills to small groups of students to improve their organisational, revision and literacy skills.