Why study Latin?

This subject gives you the opportunity to study the language, literature and culture of ancient Rome. You will experience elements of the culture, language and social life of the Roman civilisation which have inspired many later generations. As well as being exciting and inspiring, this course helps you develop analytical skills which will be useful in progressing in further study

What will I learn?

  • During the course you will: gain an understanding about how language works which will help you in English and modern languages as well as Latin
  • Learn how to read short stories in Latin
  • Learn about Roman culture

What areas of study are available?

  • Latin Language: you will learn about Latin vocabulary, grammar and the origins of words
  • Roman Culture: this component can focus on literature (either in Latin or in translation), study
    of a Roman site, or topics such as slavery, Roman education, gladiators or the Roman army

Are there any exams and how will I be assessed?

There are two components for this qualification.

Component 1: Latin Language is tested through an externally set examination.

There are two tests that have to be taken:
Test 1: Vocabulary, Origins of Words and Grammar
Test 2: Comprehension and Translation Skills

Component 2: Roman Culture is tested through either one question to be  answered by an extended piece of writing of approximately 400 words or two questions to be answered by pieces of writing of approximately 200 words each. The tasks will be set by your tutor and can be completed at any time during your course of study.

For further information regarding Latin please contact Nina Rinke. Tel: 01905 362600 Email: nina.rinke@wsfc.ac.uk