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Science Enrichment Options

Whether you are interested in applying for a place at a highly competitive university, or simply wish to broaden your science background, the Science and Engineering Academy can offer you a number of options. Select this as one of your enrichment choices on your application and this will form part of the discussions with you at interview. The Science department can provide further guidance at course confirmation in August/September if you wish.

Science and Engineering Academy Information

We offer separate Academy lessons in BMAT and UKCAT, science based extended project qualification and Engineering education scheme. In some of these lessons guest speakers will talk to students about a range of topics, such as, science based careers, current areas of academic research and life at university.


For students on the medical professional programme (medicine, dentistry or veterinary science) support is provided for the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) which are used by medical, dental and veterinary schools to select candidates.

Science Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Engineering Education Scheme

Students will use the academy sessions to complete individual practical projects in an
area of interest which might relate to their chosen career path. Past investigations have

  • Aspirin synthesis
  • Fluoride content of toothpaste
  • The effectiveness of sun block
  • Oscillations in tall buildings
  • Prevention of damage to buildings in earthquakes
  • Investigating vitamin C content in different foods
  • Ecological survey of local nature reserve

They will choose a hypothesis to investigate, plan an investigation, collect results and in their second year will complete a report that will be used to gain an EPQ, which is an AS level equivalent qualification.

Students will work alongside a local engineering company on a project that has been set form them. In previous years students have worked with QinetiQ and have designed and build a prototype laptop based radar system and a sonic laser system.

Engineering Education Scheme

The Science Centre opened in August 2014. This state of the art facility has provided the College with four additional science laboratories, as well as dedicated computing facilities.

“Over the past five years, more than 650 students have progressed to university in science-based subjects.”

For further information please contact the Science Department on Tel: 01905 362600 ext 659