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Foundation Programme - Level 2

In a Foundation Year at College, we are committed to providing our students with excellent teaching and pastoral care to help them complete their qualifications and secure progression onto Level 3 courses. As well as academic teaching and support, we will help to develop their broader skills so that they are fully equipped and prepared to reach their full potential.

There are three level 2 foundation pathways - Business & Marketing, Health & Early Years and Sport. These can be studied alongside GCSEs in English and Maths if you have not yet achieved a grade 4 in both subjects or GCSE English or Maths alongside Film, Photography or Citizenship GCSE if you have a grade 4 in one of the subjects.

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Our teaching staff are specialists in their subjects and have a track record of ensuring that students on Level 2 courses get good outcomes to ensure their progression. Our teachers will provide Foundation students with additional support when needed including in workshops or on a one-to-one basis.

Foundation students have a dedicated tutor who will support them with any academic or welfare concerns. Students will be offered one-to-one support and the Foundation Year tutorials are focused on building confidence, improving and embedding study habits, developing personal skills, and making them think ambitiously about career aspirations. The tutor will work with students and their teachers to make sure they receive dedicated revision support in tutorials and help them with any particular barriers to learning that they might encounter.

To help prepare for the next steps, we have dedicated careers advisors who, during the course of the year will invite Foundation students to attend one-to-one interviews. Mock interviews will be offered and students can book additional careers interviews as and when they need.

Foundation students will also have access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities to ensure they make the most of their time at College and have a full and enjoyable experience.

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Business Enterprise Level 2 Applied




Health and Social Care Level 2 Applied

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Sport Level 2 Applied

We aim to raise all student’s aspirations and provide opportunities to attend specific careers trips and events to help students identify what they want their next steps to be so that they reach their full potential and progress at College and beyond.