Supporting Your Preparations For Sixth Form Study

At Worcester Sixth Form College we are looking forward to welcoming you as our students and newest members of our community. It will not be long before we meet you in person at induction, but before we do there are several things that you can do to help with the transition from year 11 to post 16 study. These include bridging tasks for the subjects you want to study, but also more general activities to ensure that you have the right set of study skills to ensure you get off to good start with your post-16 studies.

The ‘Post 16 Mindset’ offers a framework to help with motivation, organisation, effort, and attitude, whilst the ‘Worcester Working Week’ provides guidance on the amount of time that you should be spending on College work, and enrichment. Several tasks have been attached to this area to help familiarise you with these principles. Please complete the tasks and bring them with you to your first tutorial session at College in September.

Further down the page you will be able to see the subject specific bridging tasks along with some introductory videos and guides created by our Digital Learning Co-ordinator, Andy Russell. We have continued to use Microsoft Teams as our preferred platform and will make use of this even with full face to face teaching.


Bridging Tasks 2021

We have prepared a range of bridging tasks for our wide range of A Level and Applied courses which we would like to share with you ahead of you joining us in September. This will provide an insight into what studying the subject will be like and ensure that you set to make a great start and also identify any gaps in your learning as a result of the challenges of remote learning at the start of this year. You should complete these tasks before the start of College for the three subjects you are most likely to enroll on or if you plan to study a three block applied course, e.g. CPLD, you need only complete the relevant tasks.

If you have not yet applied or if you are still unsure about the subjects that you will also find a range of Subject Leaflets on this page which will provide more information about what is involved.

English Language A Level


English Literature A Level

english literature

Sport & Exercise Science Applied

sport science

Travel & Tourism Applied


Worcester Working Week


At Worcester Sixth Form College, we are keen to ensure that all students achieve positive outcomes and are fully prepared for the future.  Using your time productively is an essential part of this process, this will allow students to develop the key attributes of a successful learner.

We advise all students to follow the Worcester Working Week.  This involves 14 hours of independent study outside of lesson time.  Whilst students will receive 15 hours of timetabled lesson time, it is the strategy of encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning that ensures progress.

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Digital Learning

Microsoft Teams is the main way that our teachers and tutors have been supporting our students with online learning during lockdown. We will ensure that all students are familiar with how to use Teams so that we can support you in any eventuality  e.g. should there be a need for you to continue your studies from home. We will provide a range of support including live-streamed lessons, interactive discussions, pre-recorded material and a variety of tasks, resources and activities.

Our Digital Learning Co-ordinator, Andy Russell, has produced the below welcome and introductory videos aimed at helping you to further develop your skills and confidence with this platform. The Introduction to Teams video is fantastic at providing beginners with the first steps for accessing and using Teams. Andy will be preparing a package of training videos to further develop how you can use Teams - watch this space!

Andy has also produced an overview of OneDrive which you will find useful.