Sports Academies

Opportunities for students to study, practise and compete in sport have grown considerably in recent years, but there has been a missing component. Although there are now many courses in PE and Sports Science and opportunities to play in school and club teams, it has not been possible to combine study for qualifications with high quality day-time coaching fully integrated into a student’s programme of study. Sports Academies now provide this. They:

  • combine full-time academic study with sporting development
  • provide regular high quality day-time coaching for individuals and teams
  • bring together like-minded, motivated and talented young sports men and women
  • integrate sporting development with fitness, dietary, health and technical guidance
  • provide all-year support in a coherent programme
  • enable participation in regular challenging fixtures and regional and national competitions
  • provide use of specialist sports facilities and equipment

Academies are available in the following sports:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby

Flexible Course Choices

Because subject and course choices at Worcester Sixth Form College are so broad and flexible, it has been possible to create a Sports Academy coaching programme in one of the timetable option blocks. This enables you to choose A Level or Vocational courses in the other blocks, each containing many other subject choices. You can, therefore, follow a full programme including your sport. In the time set aside for the Academy, you will meet with other students several times a week and, in addition, have Wednesday afternoons or non-College time to train, practise and compete in fixtures. The coaching programme is provided by Club, District or Regional coaches of national bodies and also by College staff and, where helpful, there is a close connection with a local sports club committed to youth development. Sponsorship for the Academies is sought, where possible, and you will incur no direct costs.


Millie McCormick

Hockey - Nunnery wood high school
I chose to take part in the Hockey academy as it sounded like a good opportunity to have a break from studying in the week that is incorporated into my timetable and also the competitive aspect of playing against other colleges in a mixed league was a good change from just playing in a women’s league at my club. Sports academies are a great chance to meet new people with shared interests in sport.


What do you need to do next?

  • Tick the appropriate box on your online College application form
  • The Academy trials will take place during the first few weeks in September
  • Watch out for news about the development of the Academies as negotiations are continuing with clubs, regional and national sports bodies and with sponsors

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