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There is a national embargo on releasing results before 8am. The results for most applied courses will be available on the Portal in the same way as A Level results. If you study a BTEC with externally assessed exams, e.g. IT, Music Technology, you will have received separate instruction for how to access your results.

Given the continued risk from COVID-19 we ask that students and/or their parents only come into College if they have been invited for publicity purposes or after making an appointment. Senior staff will be in present on 13th, 14th and 20th August to deal with concerns and queries about results, but please contact us via the main switchboard prior to visiting College. Please note that if you do come into College, protocols to ensure that physical distancing is maintained and enhanced hygiene rules will apply.

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You will be aware that given the unique circumstances of students not being able to sit external exams or assessments this summer, schools and colleges were asked to determine a Centre Assessed Grade. The grades that we submitted were teachers’ best assessment of what our students would have achieved if they had sat the external exams/assessments. However, the exam boards then applied a ‘standardisation model’ so that the distribution of grades awarded this year is consistent with those awarded in other years at a national level, and this process will inevitably result in some centre-assessed grades being adjusted.

This process is aimed at ensuring fairness and consistency between students in different years and in different schools and colleges so that, for example, it does not result in more students nationally being awarded higher grades this year when compared to cohorts in previous years. It is done to ensure that this year’s grades are as valid as in any other year. However, I understand it may feel confusing and unfair to you where there is a difference between a centre-assessed grade and the final grade awarded by the exam board. I can reassure you that our teachers approached the task of assessing grades with the utmost diligence, and that they felt the grades submitted were a fair and accurate reflection. The final grades awarded by the exam boards are the product of a nationally applied process, aimed at ensuring that grades are consistent with those of students in other years, and therefore, have equal value.

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Given the process outlined above it is possible that some students will be disappointed with their grades. If this is the case here are some things to think about:

1. Find out if a place at university/apprenticeship/employment has been confirmed
UCAS will update the application status after 8am on results day so hopefully our students will have their offer confirmed as soon as possible. We expect universities to be more flexible than usual given the way in which grades have had to be determined this year. Our Student Services team will be available to offer support and advice in talking to universities, apprenticeship providers and employers.

2. Consider a resit in the autumn term
A Level resit exams have been scheduled to take place between 5th and 23rd October. The deadline to enter for these exams is 4th September. Please contact the exams office as soon as possible to arrange to be entered for these exams. Please note that if a student is entered for an exam and does not then attend, they will be invoiced for the cost of the exam entry fees.

3. Consider an additional year at College
To explore the possibility of retaking the second year of study please contact the Admissions office in the first instance to arrange a time to meet with the relevant Head of Year on Tuesday, 1st September. Please note that retaking the year can only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and we cannot confirm whether this will be possible until after this discussion has taken place.

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Ofqual has stated that it is not permissible for students to challenge their Centre Assessment Grade or position in the rank order because they concluded that it would not be in the interests of students or the fairness of arrangements overall.

Students can, however, make an appeal to the College if you believe that you have been subjected to bias, discrimination or any other factor which suggests that the College did not behave with care or integrity when determining the Centre Assessment Grade and/or rank order information. Any appeal against examination results on the basis of bias or discrimination, should be made in writing within ten days and addressed to me. The request must clearly outline the grounds for appeal. If you are under the age of 18 the request should come from your parent(s) or guardian(s). I will determine the outcome of any appeal and this decision will be final.

If there is evidence of serious malpractice on the part of Worcester Sixth Form College then this should be raised with the exam board in the first instance.

The College will submit an appeal if we believe that something systemic has gone wrong in relation to the results, we think there has been an error in submitting a Centre Assessment Grade or rank order information or we believe an exam board made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade.

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