Worcester Working Week

At Worcester Sixth Form College, we are keen to ensure that all students achieve positive outcomes and are fully prepared for the future.  Using your time productively is an essential part of this process, this will allow students to develop the key attributes of a successful learner.

We advise all students to follow the Worcester Working Week.  This involves 14 hours of independent study outside of lesson time.  Whilst students will receive 15 hours of timetabled lesson time, it is the strategy of encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning that ensures progress.

There are many ways that we will support students to become independent learners.  Pastoral and teaching staff promote the ‘Sixth Form Mindset’ which develops key study skills.  Timetabled Independent Study Sessions will direct students to work on their knowledge gap, develop retrieval strategies, engage in wider reading, and most importantly, to be motivated and accountable for their learning so that they can raise their achievement. Each student is allocated a personal tutor and the pastoral programme, together with careers advice and the promotion of employability skills, forms over 2 hours of the Worcester Working Week.

You will find fully equipped study spaces around the College including the Learning Resource Centre where our helpful staff are always on hand to answer your queries. We also offer plenty of Student Support for students who would like additional guidance.

Education is more than just mastering subject knowledge which is why the Worcester Working Week recommends that students get involved with an Enrichment activity or other personal interest for 3 hours each week. Worcester Sixth Form College provides a varied timetabled Enrichment Programme but also encourages students to take advantage of work experience and other opportunities that promote a positive well-being.

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Worcester Working Week – 32 Hours

As a minimum students should follow the Worcester Working Week of 32 hours, however, in the run up to the examination period this will be expected to increase.

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