Comments from Young Enterprise students: Ryan MacKenzie and Sam Healey

“The opportunity to earn money while working with like-minded people was what drew us to Young Enterprise. Throughout the year we gained knowledge from many areas of business while developing our teamwork and presentation skills. Creating a new product and growing our brand alongside the businesses of Worcester showed
us the real world of business to Young Enterprise students selling at the Worcester Spring Fair compliment the theory we learnt in our classes.

We were both members of the Allied company that won the award for the ‘Best Company’ in South Worcester. We are both mentors for Levels Company sharing our experiences and providing guidance to help them.

We would highly recommend Young Enterprise to anyone looking for an educational and entrepreneurial experience.”

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The Ultimate Enterprise Experience!

Students are mentored by Young Enterprise Business Advisers and Business teachers to set up and run their own real company over a year. Students get to learn about business in a very real way outside of the classroom situation from initial business ideas, marketing, sales, managing the finance and human resources. Students will participate in Young Enterprise fairs and competitions and mix with students from other colleges and schools, sell their products and hopefully make a profit.

The local Young Enterprise group also provides numerous cash prizes eg. Best Company, Most Innovative Product, Best Sales and Marketing and Best Report.

You will be interviewed and selected to become a member of the Young Enterprise Company as it requires, not just attendance at the enrichment lesson, but the commitment to complete tasks between meetings and participate in training events, trade fairs and competition fairs that are held in the evenings and at weekends (normally 3 or 4 throughout the year).

Young Enterprise students selling at the Worcester Spring Fair
Young Enterprise students selling at the Worcester Spring Fair

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