Young Enterprise 2021-22

Well done to this year’s Young Enterprise team, Mistycles, who whilst not progressing to the next round, won the Customer Service award at the recent judging. This award demonstrated the consideration the students had given to their product and demonstrated how they had conducted thorough market research.

The judges were impressed with how much the team had grown in confidence and how well they have worked as a team to develop their product. Comments from the judges included that they had produced “an innovative product, with an eye-catching modern logo design and packaging”.

We would highly recommend Young Enterprise to anyone looking for an educational and entrepreneurial experience.”

“I have learnt how to work as a team, how to sell to the public and how to design and create a product” - Alexander (Young Enterprise Team member)

The Ultimate Enterprise Experience!

Students are mentored by a Young Enterprise Business Adviser and Business teacher to set up and run their own real company over a year. Learning is inside and outside of the classroom and covers the key aspects of business - considering & developing ideas, marketing, sales, managing finance and human resources. Students can participate in Young Enterprise trade fairs and a range of competitions against students from other colleges and schools, locally and nationally, promoting and selling their products to hopefully make a profit. Additional awards can be won through successful participation in trade fairs and the Company of the Year competition - e.g. Best Trade Stand, Most Innovative Product, Creative Marketing and Best Company - these have been won by our students in recent years.


You will go through a selection process to become a member of the Young Enterprise Company as it requires not just attendance at enrichment lessons, but also commitment to complete tasks between meetings and participate in trade fairs and competition events which are held in the evenings and at weekends (normally 3 or 4 throughout the year).

"I have gained more confidence through being part of Young Enterprise" - Nathan (Young Enterprise Team member)

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