Ambition Programme

The Ambition Programme is aimed at high achieving students who might want to apply to competitive universities. These include Oxford and Cambridge and other universities, including members of the “Russell Group”. Students who apply to these will usually have a good range of GCSEs at 8/9 (A/A*) grades.

We have an excellent reputation at Worcester Sixth Form College for helping students get places at top universities through careers and HE advice, the tutorial programme and subject-based guidance. The Ambition Programme enhances this support.

This is an enrichment course for one lesson per week and, because it is not subject-specific, is open to students doing any course combination.

The Ambition Programme will help you:

  • Become more informed about university choices
  • Make yourself an attractive applicant to a competitive university

We aim to inspire you to achieve your very best, to guide you in your research into university options and to help you develop confidence and flair in academic discussion.

The programme complements additional enrichment opportunities including Academies, Professional Programmes and the Extended Project (for second year students).

How Will Ambition Help Me Research My University Options?

The course enhances the support you will be given by tutors, Student Services and subject teachers with:

  • Talks on how to research competitive university places
  • Contact with admissions advisers at competitive universities
  • Information about Masterclasses, Summer Schools and subject days offered by top universities and help with applying for these Open Day visits to Oxford and Cambridge
  • Advice on Oxbridge colleges from staff who know these universities well and from former College students
  • Guidance on planning your independent research into university
  • Psychological and emotional support from staff and from other students in the group

How Will Ambition Help Me Make Myself An Attractive Applicant To A Competitive University?

  • Practice at developing your thinking skills - you can learn techniques to improve your ability to think and argue more effectively
  • Debates and discussions with enthusiastic students and staff
  • Presentations on a wide range of topics
  • Learning from and talking with visiting speakers
  • Inspiration to extend your subject knowledge
  • Advice on writing a top quality UCAS personal statement
  • Preparing for university interviews
  • Mock interview practice

"The interview practice sessions really developed my confidence.
The mock interview was challenging and really good preparation for the real thing!”

The Ambition Course

Year 1 – September to December

In this term you will be introduced to different thinking styles and a range of techniques to help you enhance your ability to argue a case effectively. Because students on the course will be doing all sorts of different subjects, the debates, discussions and presentations will cover a wide range of topics. We
usually have a lot of fun in our discussions and you will be challenged to new heights of thinking.

Year 1 – January to July
The activities from the first term continue. We now add some practical sessions on researching universities, finding out what study at a top university is like and planning how to explore your Higher Education options.

We will publicise Masterclasses, Summer Schools and other study experiences offered by competitive universities and help you apply if you wish to. We will offer trips to the Oxford and Cambridge open days and organise opportunities for you to meet admissions advisers and university students.

Year 2 – September to December
We will help you finalise your HE applications and give support writing your personal statement.

Those of you applying to universities which interview applicants (such as Oxford and Cambridge and some other Russell Group universities) will follow a programme to help you develop your skills and confidence at interview. The psychological and emotional support from other students in the group going through the same experience is invaluable at this stage too.