fine art
photography A Level

If you are applying for any A Level Art & Design course, and are not studying an art-and-design-route GCSE, you will need to provide a portfolio for each subject you are applying for.

Please email your portfolio (or a camera image of this if it is too large to email) to the Head of Art and Design, Jules Steed (

Fine Art

  • Complete the virtual gallery analytical task on three of your favourite pieces and produce an artist replica of your favourite piece using the relevant media. This must be no smaller than A3 on canvas, card or art paper.
  • This task will form part of the lessons in the first week at college and you will show and discuss your work with your classmates

Graphic Design

  • You must show us 9 drawings in total, all from real life, and using a variety of different media (eg pencil, pen, biro, paint, crayon etc)
  • PLUS, a 200-word description with illustrations (no internet images or text), of a designer, typographer or illustrator of your choice.


You will need to demonstrate evidence of a creative approach to photography. You will need to show a mounted collection of 10-20 photographs exploring light and shadow at Induction in July. Each photograph should have a brief written evaluation outlining why you have chosen it and your interpretation of the composition.

We recommend that you only take ONE Art & Design course if you are joining us via the Portfolio route. Please discuss with a member of the Art and Design department if you have any queries.