Professional Programmes

Boost your career potential

Professional Programmes at the College are an exciting opportunity to take part in flexible package of studies that are in addition to your A Level or Applied studies and that will help you to prepare for your application to specific courses and careers.

Each programme will be followed for one lesson per week for a set number of weeks and we will tailor the programme to meet your needs as far as possible. The Professional Programmes are specific career sessions.

For 2023, programmes may be offered for entry into the following professions:

  • Medical - doctors, veterinary scientists, dentists
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Paramedic Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Law - solicitors, barristers
  • Teaching/Education

All students who follow a Professional Programme will benefit from:

  • Specific career information and guidance
  • Programme of speakers and activities
  • Visits/taster days to universities or employers (signposting or organised visits)

It may be possible for some students to benefit from work experience and/or volunteering opportunities.

Opportunities to develop skills

You will be timetabled for at least one session per week. This includes opportunities to
develop the skills to:

  • Research career opportunities
  • Compare the structure of different courses
  • Produce an impressive personal statement
  • Manage the application process
  • Perform effectively at interview where appropriate

You will be helped to prepare for the variety of additional tests that are used to select between able candidates in some of these increasingly competitive fields, e.g. the UKCAT Clinical Aptitude Test or Skills Tests for teaching.

The student experience as a whole:

  • The Professional Programme will run alongside your A Level or Vocational courses
  • You will review your progress regularly with your teachers and tutor
  • Details about your participation in the Professional Programme can be used to enhance College references and the personal statement that support your application to university
  • In recent feedback, all students felt that the programmes were worth attending

For further information regarding Professional Programmes contact Student Services Tel: 01905 362600 ext 635