English lesson

What if I am unsure about the subjects I want to study?

At Course Confirmation we will ensure that you have all the subject advice you need at the start of the new academic year in order to settle onto the right courses for you. We have also added leaflets to our website which provides more detailed information on each of our A Level and Applied courses which we hope will assist you. Please be reassured that you will be given further opportunity to reflect and, if necessary, change the options you have initially chosen before you confirm them at the start of academic year.

How can I best prepare myself for starting College?

We ask that you complete the bridging tasks for the subjects you are most likely to study before your first lessons. There are also some mindset activities to look at before your first tutorial session. These activities will ensure that you make a great start to your time at College. There is also information about Microsoft Teams - introducing you to the platform and explaining how it will be used by your subject teachers and tutors. Details about all of this can be found here.

What if I have not visited the College before?

Whilst it is not the same as seeing the College in person, The ‘Day in the Life’ video (https://www.wsfc.ac.uk/video-tour-a-day-in-the-life-at-wsfc/) provides a glimpse of our facilities and gives the thoughts of one of our students as to what it is like to be a student at the College. The student who is the feature of the video was the Managing Director of our Young Enterprise team last year. The team reached the National Finals – one of only 14 teams out of over 1,000 to reach this stage. Yas won the award for Best Managing Director at the National Finals.

How can I find out more about what else the College has to offer?

As a Sixth Form College, we believe we offer a very special environment with the right balance of support and challenge for you to thrive and achieve. We are proud that this year we were announced as the highest achieving College in the country and one of the highest for the performance of its students.   We are very proud of the achievements and successes of all our students and our staff. To see more  please visit he College’s News page which will give a flavour of recent successes

We are committed to providing you with the very best support to help you reach your full potential, both in terms of academic success and being suitably prepared for your next steps, whether this is university, employment or an apprenticeship.

As well as our wide range of subjects, there are a number of enrichment opportunities available to you and you are encouraged to consider these and add at least one to your programme of study. To find out what is available and consider what might be of interest, find out more here. Please not that because of the circumstances there may be some restrictions in place regarding the scope and availability of these options. Further information will be available at the start of the academic year.

We have huge expertise in providing careers and higher education guidance tailored to individuals’ needs. If you are unsure about what you want to do, or how the subjects you study might help you get there, visit our Careers area of our website for further guidance or contact us if you would like to speak to a Careers Advisor. The percentage of our students applying to UCAS who are successful in obtaining university places is very significantly above the national average.

Every student is allocated to a Pastoral Tutor who will stay with and support you with your welfare  throughout your time with us. To find out more about this here. We also have a specialist safeguarding team who work alongside our tutors and counsellors to support and promote the wellbeing of all our students and to help keep you safe.

Finally, some you may require some extra help with additional learning needs. We also have a small friendly team of staff to help you with this and if you would like to know more about please contact Sara Payne (sara.payne@wsfc.ac.uk).

When do I start?

The academic year will start on 31st August 2021. You will receive details of when your Course Confirmation interview is scheduled.

Whilst not all lessons will not start straight away we would ask that you make yourself available from this date in order that we are able to properly induct you into the College and allocate you onto the right courses.