Why Study Politics?

‘I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians’.

Studying Politics will develop your awareness of contemporary issues and understanding of the decisions that affect your life and those around you. It will allow you to consider how and why decisions are taken on a local, national and international level.

Politics also helps you develop critical, analytical and oral skills, and gives an insight into issues of power and influence, where these lie and who has these in the UK and the wider world.

In Year 1, students study British Politics looking at its key institutions, issues and ideas. In Year 2, students study American Government and Politics. Students then focus on the ideas of Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and either Nationalism or Anarchism.

Why Study Politics at Worcester Sixth Form College?

In the past, Politics students have visited the Houses of Parliament and conferences featuring leading politicians of the day. Politics students also participate in local politics with visits from local politicians, election hustings and delivering the College’s mock elections.

Progression Opportunities

A Level Politics is a well-regarded subject by all universities. It is particularly useful to those who wish to follow a career in Law, the Civil Service, Local Government and Politics, Teaching or the Social Services. Many students go on to pursue the subject at degree level and beyond.

Recently, one student went to Oxford University to study History and Politics and a number of students have gone on to study Politics and International Relations at Russell Group universities.

Poppy Gooch - Politics

Poppy Gooch

Politics - The Chantry High School
I enjoyed the governmental and debate aspects of my History GCSE, so decided to choose Politics as one of my A Levels at College. The subject has provided me with in depth knowledge of the UK and US systems, as well as core and less familiar ideologies like anarchism. It has allowed me to develop my existing ideas in incredible detail, while also leading me to new concepts and opinions that I had never considered before. After College I will be studying English at Oxford University, and although I am not pursuing politics in my further education it has assisted me greatly in my understanding of my chosen degree. It has given vital context to the literature and film that I examine in my other A Levels and has taught me how to effectively argue my perspectives.

Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification Name Maths GCSE Req. English GCSE Req. Other Req. Desirable Qualifications Skills & Attributes Required for Success Guidance on Costs or Commitments
Politics4Willingness to develop and maintain knowledge of current affairs. Ability to think critically about personal political opinions and those of others.Optional trip to Houses of Parliament – approx. £20.

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