Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to welcoming back staff and students able to return from 15th June. After a period of closure due to COVID-19 we wanted to provide some reassurances about how the College will look, what safety measures are in place and answer some questions that you may have.

Key Safety Protocols

We have emailed you protocols that should be followed to minimise any risk and to ensure the safety of students and staff. As these contain a lot of detail we have highlighted the six most important points. These are displayed in prominent areas around College to act as a reminder.

Premises staff have worked really hard to ensure that ground-markings are in place, a one way system is operational and it is clear that you should remain on the left hand side of all corridors.

signage covid 19
key protocols

What Will Happen When I Arrive?

Staff will be in the car park to direct your parents to a safe drop-off point. If you are driving to College you can use the usual car park. Please remember that you must not travel in a car with anyone who is not a member of your household. We also discourage use of public transport. If this is unavoidable you must wear a face mask.

Whilst you will need your student ID card to swipe in, the main entrance door will be wedged open for you.

To give you an idea of what coming into College will look like we have created a short (not state of the art!) video clip to demonstrate.

How Do I Know When and Where My Lessons Are?

Your teachers will have emailed you to confirm when your lesson will be. If you are unsure, please email your teachers. You should not attend College if you do not have a lesson. You will only be asked to attend for one lesson in each of your subjects before the end of term.

If you are in any doubt as to where your lessons will take place, staff will be available on arrival to give you this information.

What Will My Classroom Look Like?

It will depend on your subjects but we have taken a photo of a Maths classroom as an example. You will notice that only 6 desk spaces are available - this is because no more than 6 students will be in a classroom at any one time. Classrooms will be cleaned between uses and windows and doors will remain open at all times.

maths classroom

Can I Use Study Spaces?

If you do not have a lesson, ideally you should go home. If, however, you also have a lesson in the afternoon or have to be in College for a longer period of time due to travel arrangements you can use the Learning Resources Centre.

We have marked benches so that physical distancing can be maintained and keyboards must be cleaned before and after use. Wipes will be readily available to assist with this.

Where Else Can I Go?

If you have to stay at College and the weather is dry, we would encourage you to sit in the outdoor recreational area or other outdoor spaces.

If it is raining then the Cafeteria will be open and more information about this is below.

Please note that the smoking area is closed until further notice.

Can I Buy Food Or Drink In The Cafeteria?

We would ask that wherever possible you bring your own pre-prepared lunch and a drinks container. The Cafeteria will be operating a very limited service aimed at ensuring that students eligible for support are able to access this. The menu will be very restricted. Please note that vending machines will not be available for use.

Whilst water fountains should not be used for drinking, they are available to fill up drinks containers.

To show you the measures in place in the Cafeteria we have prepared a short clip to show you. Thank you to our Estates & Premises Manager, Chris, for featuring to demonstrate the screens and how you will be served. Please note that only cashless transactions can be used to purchase refreshments.