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Are you passionate about big issues in society such as sexism, racism, LGBTQ+ rights or the environment? At debating, we discuss what matters to you and help build your confidence.

Topics covered include Banning Private Schools, Abolishing the Monarchy, Gender Affirming Hormones, The Meaning of Christmas, Defunding the Police, Giving Necessities to All Citizens, Did the Media Cause the Fuel Crisis? Basically, anything topical and relevant with all topics selected by the students and based on their passions and interests.
When joining the society the only skills you need are an interest in debating. The Debating Society will help you boost your confidence and develop skills in structure, evaluation and judgement, summarising and being concise, expressing, developing and strengthening your argument. It is important that you have the ability to listen to different perspectives and learn about the worldviews and experiences of others, asking hard hitting questions and answering them in a substantial way. It is beneficial to have good knowledge of current affairs and an understanding of how the world works and how to be engaging, charismatic and persuasive.