It’s not too late to apply for September!
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It’s not too late to apply for September!

A Levels

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Foundation Programme – Level 2

‘Andrew Tate is thought to influence young, vulnerable minds – but do teenagers truly follow his example?’ by Lewis Hodson and Aaliyah Taylor

Emory Andrew Tate III, born December 1st, 1986, was a professional kickboxer and is now a social media star. His sudden growth in fame came due to his misogynistic comments…

‘Book Tok and what it means to be a reader’ by Julia Pierzgalska

Since 2020, TikTok has been dominated by book related content, after Emma Chamberlain made reading popular again by posting a video ‘Reading makes you hot’ and talking about the benefits…

Chemistry Olympiad success

Congratulations to 10 second year Chemistry students who were awarded certificates in the national Chemistry Olympiad. All those who entered achieved an award which is a fantastic achievement. Rowan Hill…