We are pleased to inform you that the current government roadmap for the easing of Covid restrictions will allow us to offer you a Taster Day at Worcester Sixth Form College between Friday, 9th July and Wednesday, 14th July.  You will therefore receive an email in the next few weeks inviting you to attend our College on one of these days. Please note that availability and the structure of the day will be subject to any changes that may be announced regarding the lifting of restrictions and we will keep you informed of this should it apply.

 Your Taster Day will enable you to find out more about the subjects that you are interested in studying, meet the teachers and other students and find out more about what you can expect as a student at Worcester Sixth Form College. Towards the end of your Taster Day you will also get the opportunity to speak to a member of staff who will discuss with you how your day had gone and note any changes you might want to make at that point. It will also be an opportunity for you to share with us any other information or concerns you might have. All staff at the Worcester Sixth Form College understand that the transition to Sixth Form College heralds a significant next step in life and we are trained to listen to you in a sensitive manner.


Your Taster Day programme is planned on the subjects you entered on your application. However, don’t worry if you change your mind later. You will have a further opportunity to confirm or change your intended courses when we ask you to upload you results onto the pre-enrolment software provided after your results are published.  You will then also have the chance to discuss this and make any final changes during your Course Confirmation appointment between August 31st and Friday 3rd September.  If you know in advance that you will not be available for Course Confirmation between these dates please telephone the College and ask for Admissions, or alternatively email: apply@wsfc.ac.uk

Changing Options

We will shortly send you a further email with the subject options you selected on your application. If you have decided you want to change or add to these before your Taster Day you can do this by emailing tasterday@wsfc.ac.uk. The maximum number of subject options you can choose is 6 and the closing date for additions or changes is Monday June 7th. Please note that you can only study subjects for which you are qualified and have visited at your Taster Day.

Enrichment Options

If you are considering the Sports, Performing Arts Academies or Duke of Edinburgh you should check these are showing in the email which will be sent out to you.  You will be able to add them, using the email address above, if they are missing. Trials/auditions/meetings will take place in September.

On the Day

Please arrive at College at 8.50am where you will be greeted and provided with an individual schedule for the day, this will be followed by a Welcome Presentation by the Principal before you go to your taster sessions. If you find you have gaps between your sessions you may join other subject option sessions available at this point.  This is particularly valuable to offer you an insight into some of the more specialist courses the College offers which you may not have studied or considered before. It is well worth taking advantage of this opportunity if it is available to you.

The end of the day will depend on the number of sessions you have asked to attend and whilst some students might finish sooner you should plan to be with us until 4.10pm.

The Cafeteria will be open and lunch will be provided for you at no charge.  Vending machines will be available all day.  You are, of course, welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.


Please make sure that you are available to attend your Taster Day appointment.

If you are unable to attend please telephone our Admissions Office or email: apply@wsfc.ac.uk and we will endeavour to make an alternative arrangement.  Even if you have already told us that you cannot attend these days, it would be very helpful if you could call.

It is certainly worth looking again on our website at the detail of the range of courses we offer. This will help you to get the most out of the day.

There is no need to bring anything additional with you except your own writing equipment.

Please ensure that you have checked your transport arrangements for the day as some dedicated College buses may not be running.  Students who would normally catch the S23 can instead use 144/144A from Bromsgrove and Droitwich Spa to Crowngate Bus Station which connects with Service 45 up to Worcester Sixth Form College. Bus 150c from Redditch will be running.

We look forward to welcoming you to your Taster Day.