What to expect at Induction

What to expect at Induction2019-05-07T13:46:54+00:00

What is Induction?

This is your opportunity to find out more about the subjects you are interested in studying, meet members of staff, discover more about the College and helps you make the right decision about the choices available to you.

Your Induction programme is based on the subjects you discussed with your interviewer – this will be listed on the Induction page of your application.

What do I need to do if I have changed my mind about what subjects I want to sample?

Log in to your application by midnight on Sunday, 23rd June to make any changes.

  • Go to the Interview tab of your application to see which are your Course Choices and which are currently your Induction Only choices
  • Then go to the Induction tab to see how many sessions you have already selected out of the maximum available
  • You will only be able to make changes to Induction Only subjects
  • You may attend up to 6 sessions. If you already have chosen 6 subjects and would like to change one or more of these, you will need to delete an option before selecting a new one
  • Changes to actual Course Choices can only be made once you have had a discussion with a member of staff at either Induction (July) or Course Confirmation (August)

How will I know where to go when I first arrive at Induction?

You are asked to arrive in the main foyer by 9.00am where you will be welcomed by a member of staff and given your programme for the day.  You will then be directed to the Hall to meet the Principal.

Please attend all the sessions as shown on your programme. Your attendance will be registered and your Induction Programme signed at each subject session you attend. At the end of the day you will asked to return to the Hall where a member of staff will see you to check how your day has gone. If you wish to make no changes to your choices you will be free to leave. Otherwise you will be offered a further opportunity to discuss your options with a member of staff in the LRC. It is important that you keep your Induction Programme safe until it is taken from you.

If you change your mind over the summer about the subjects you wish to study, you will be able to discuss this at Course Confirmation at the end of August. You will receive an email during August advising you of your Course Confirmation appointment time.

We expect that all students will have completed their Induction by 4.10pm – some students may finish a little earlier.

The Learning Support team have arranged to meet me – how will I find them?

They will be waiting for you at the Meeting Point in front of Visitors’ Reception.

Why do I need to go to Induction if I am already sure what I want to study?

This is a unique opportunity for you to find out more about the College and the subjects on offer before you start in September and we believe it is important for all prospective students to attend.

What will I do about lunch?

Our Cafeteria will be providing lunch, free of charge, for all students. There are also vending machines available within the Cafeteria and you are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.