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Proposal to dissolve Worcester Sixth Form College and become a 16-19 academy

The Governing Body (Corporation) of Worcester Sixth Form College (the College) has applied for the College to become an academy under the Academies Act 2010 as part of the area review programme. The Governing Body is now consulting on whether the College should become a 16-19 academy.

WSFC Statutory Notice & proposal for dissolution

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Award-Winning Author Inspires WSFC Students

On Tuesday 21 March, award-winning novelist Evie Wyld took part in a Skype conversation with students on the English Literature A Level course at Worcester Sixth Form College. Students asked Wyld about her latest novel All the Birds, Singing, which they are currently studying for their coursework.

In 2014, Wyld won the Miles Franklin Award - Australia's equivalent of the Man Booker Prize – and in 2013 was named one of Granta’s Twenty Best Young British Novelists, a list published every ten years and which has previously spotted future literary superstars like Martin Amis, Kazuo Ishiguro, Ian McEwan, Jeanette Winterson, and Zadie Smith.

Dr James Lister, subject leader for English Literature, said: "It's important that students of literature are aware of contemporary fiction as well as the classics. So often, literature students have to speculate about writers’ intentions because they’re exploring texts written hundreds of years ago. But with Evie, the students were able to directly access her thoughts by asking her specific questions."

Melissa Quinney, second year student who has applied to read English and Creative Writing at Birmingham University, said: "It was an exciting experience to connect with Evie on a personal level. She was very inspirational and I will be able to quote her in my essay." Jamie Williams, who has been offered a place to study Archaeology at Cambridge University, said: "Talking to Evie was incredibly insightful into both the text itself and the life of a writer."

Evie Wyld later said that the Skype discussion with the students was "a real pleasure" and that she was delighted to be asked such challenging questions.

Paul Morris, Head of English, said: "It is terrific how technology can allow students in their classroom here in Worcester Sixth Form College to have an in-depth face-to-face discussion about the book they have been studying with the actual writer sitting in her study in London. If only we could also do this with Shakespeare!"

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