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Celebrating 25 years of dedication to Worcester Sixth Form College!

Ruth Scotson, Assistant Principal, at Worcester Sixth Form College, has been acknowledged for her commitment and dedication with 25 continuous years of service. Ruth joined College in 1992 as Head of History. She became a Senior Tutor in 1996 and then Assistant Principal in 2010.

Ruth says: "A lot has changed in 25 years; when I started we still used overhead transparencies and hand written handouts. The idea of extensive electronic resources to support learning outside of the classroom was just unheard of! At College we're always moving forward and I'm really excited about our Ambition programme for able students that we've launched this year."

She adds: "Some things, however, haven't changed and the College remains a wonderfully supportive environment with specialist teachers’ that provides a stepping stone for students between school and either employment or university. The fact that the children of so many of our staff have chosen to attend College, is a testament to what a really excellent place it is. I'm just so proud to be part of it."

Michael Kitcatt, Principal, said: "Ruth has done an outstanding job in a wide variety of different roles during her time at Worcester Sixth Form College. Many staff and students have benefitted from her support through her position as the College's Designated Safeguarding Lead and her responsibility for staff development. Although she is an incredibly busy person, she always has time for a friendly word and to help individuals in any way she can. In recent years we have had a number of staff who have received awards for 25 continuous years of service which is a measure of staff commitment to the College."

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Renowned Professor of Classics Inspires Students!

On Friday, 15th September Worcester Sixth Form College was delighted to welcome the renowned Classicist Professor Edith Hall to speak to students studying A Level Classical Civilisation, Drama and Theatre Studies and Archaeology about the importance of studying classical subjects for our modern lives.

Professor Hall, who is Professor of Classics at University College London, inspired students with a lecture explaining how from the invention of theatre to the beginnings of democracy, the Ancient Greeks hold a plethora of lessons completely relevant to the questions and dilemmas we are facing today. She has published more than twenty books, broadcasts frequently on radio and television, lectures all over the world, and publishes widely in academic and mainstream journals and newspapers.

Earlier this year, Professor Hall launched her new project, ACE, campaigning for classical subjects to be made available across the state secondary-education sector. This is a campaign that the College wholeheartedly supports given the success of Classical Civilisation A Level at the College in which students study Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, drama, politics and literature.

Nina Rinke, Subject Leader of Classics at Worcester Sixth Form College, said: "Classical Civilisation is an incredibly exciting subject to teach. Students soon discover that they can connect and identify with the heroes and heroines of Ancient Greece and Rome despite the 3000 year gap, and many develop a lifelong love for the Classical World. We are extremely grateful and privileged to welcome a world renowned expert on Ancient Greece to our College to speak to our students, a significant percentage of whom go on to study Classics related subjects at university."

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