Why Study French?

Spoken in over 29 countries in the world, French is also the most widely taught modern language both nationally and at the College. Its importance is reflected locally, with an increasing number of business partnerships involving French companies.

Some students take French and another language at A Level, but an increasing number combine it with many subjects such as Humanities, Business Studies, Law, Politics or Sciences, reflecting the wide range of opportunities in commerce and for travel abroad. Some students also choose to continue their French studies because of a good GCSE grade, a successful exchange, family holidays to France or simply because they enjoy speaking the language.

Why study French at Worcester Sixth Form College?

  • Interactive lessons involving a wide range of activities in small groups
  • Extensive use of French in the lesson
  • A wide variety of topics are being studied, including social and cultural aspects of contemporary French and French speaking society, as well as French Cinema and Literary Studies
  • Weekly one-to one or one-to-two oral lesson with a teacher/French native speaker
  • Computers with internet links and listening facilities in the classroom
  • Various Language learning software
  • Data projectors in all rooms
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Comprehensive Modern Languages website
  • Trips to local universities for Languages days
  • Trips to the cinema or any other venue involving French and French culture
  • Extra-curricular activities such as cooking
  • Work placements in Industry using French
  • Trips to France and exchange to Montpellier, France

Progression Opportunities

Many students go on to study a French degree, either single honours or in combination with another language. An increasing number of students study French with another subject, such as Law, Business Studies, History, Politics or even Music and Sciences. In fact, almost any combination is possible! Fluency in a foreign language will open doors to top universities in the UK and will increase your employment opportunities in Britain, as well as in French-speaking countries and in the rest of Europe.

French Rachel Pepper

Rachel Pepper

French - South Bromsgrove High School
I grew up in rural France and started my education there. The French school system is very different to the UK as it is more focused on learning through play in the early years. I returned to the UK five years ago. As I didn’t want to lose my language skills, and was also interested in improving my vocabulary, I was keen to study French at A Level. Studying French will ensure I remain up to date with the French culture and remain fluent to converse with French friends and my brother who still lives there. Having lived in two different countries with very different cultures, I decided to also study A Level Sociology and as I’m bilingual, I was interested in looking at how the brains works, so took Psychology too. I have really enjoyed my subject combination at College. I would like to take a French and Business degree at university and hope to maybe move back to France one day.

Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification Name Maths GCSE Req. English GCSE Req. Other Req. Desirable Qualifications Skills & Attributes Required for Success Guidance on Costs or Commitments
French4GCSE French at grade 5 or above.GCSE English at grade 5 or above.Willingness to talk freely in the target language. Desire to spend time in a country where target language is spoken.French Exchanges every year. Not compulsory but students should take part (£350-£400 for 8-11 days).

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