Why choose Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. If you are interested in understanding why people behave in particular ways, then this may be the subject for you.

Teaching and Learning Styles

We use a variety of teaching methods and activities to deliver the theoretical concepts and research studies that comprise this subject. You will be involved in discussions, presentations, group tasks and individual work. You will also undertake mini-practicals and flipped learning tasks to provide you with a working knowledge of this fascinating subject. Throughout the course you will learn how psychologists conduct research, analyse data and generate explanations for behaviour. Topics covered over the two years include research methods, social influence, memory, attachment, psychopathology, biopsychology, gender, eating behaviour and aggression.


Assessment is through three external written exams taken in the summer of Year 2.

Progression Opportunities

Psychology A Level is useful for those wishing to pursue a career in areas such as medicine, social work, law, business, advertising, the probation service and teaching. If you wish to continue with Psychology beyond degree level, career options include Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Profile student - Thomas Cassidy-Smith

Thomas Cassidy-Smith

Psychology - Tudor Grange Academy
I chose to study Psychology at A Level as it was not a subject that was available to me at my previous school, and was one which I had a keen interest in. I enjoy Psychology for a number of reasons as the course itself is very interesting, particularly the topics of Psychopathology and Attachment. I enjoyed learning about the practical applications of Psychology and how it can be used to help people. This has led to my desire to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology. Another reason why I believe Psychology is a great choice is because of the quality of teaching provided. The lessons are always engaging and the booklets we are given are very helpful when it comes time to revise. I also study Maths and Biology. I have found that these subjects have a considerable overlap with Psychology, helping to solidify my understanding of statistical testing (which is an important element of the Research Methods section of Psychology) and have given me a greater understanding of the nervous system (which is part of the Biopsychology topic). I am glad I decided to take Psychology at College because it has become my favourite subject, and is consequently the subject I have decided to study at university.

Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification NameMaths GCSE Req.English GCSE Req.Other Req.Desirable QualificationsSkills & Attributes Required for SuccessGuidance on Costs or Commitments
Psychology55GCSE Science at grade 4 or aboveGCSE Maths, English, Science at grade 6.Ability to think critically and to evaluate information

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