Why Study Law?

This is a qualification which focuses on a wide range of legal issues such as where law comes from and why it exists, how the legal system works, criminal law including offences against the person and against property and civil law including tort law and contract. The course is divided into 3 units which are examined at the end of the two years of study:

  1. The Legal System & Criminal Law
  2. Law Making and the Law of Tort
  3. The Nature of Law and Contract Law

The course provides students with the opportunity to develop legal skills such as formulating a legal argument, analysing a factual scenario by identifying the key facts from which legal issues arise and evaluating legal issues by identifying strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the law.

Why Study Law at Worcester Sixth Form College?

The course is suitable for students who are interested in English Law. A range of speakers have contributed to the course so far from higher education and the legal profession, magistrates and judiciary. Students will be able to attend the Worcester Courts to see potential crimes being prosecuted. In addition, the Law Professional Programme enrichment looks at legal careers and legal options in higher education.

Progression Opportunities

The course supports access to higher education degree courses, such as Law itself, Law with Criminology or Law with Business. The qualification allows learners to gain the required understanding and skills to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice system, eg. the National Probation Service, the Courts and Tribunals Service or the National Offender Management Service.


Millie Chapman

Law - The Bewdley School & Sixth Form Centre
I was never too sure whether to study A Level Law because I was told a lot of universities prefer you to have other A Level if you study Law at university. However, with selecting Law I can feel a lot more confident to enter my degree knowing I have a basic understanding of Law. Whilst studying Law I have also realised how much I want to go into this industry, in particular civil law. Law is very broad, and it can be difficult to choose which profession it is you want to go in, but A Level Law covers a range of topics allowing you to discover which ones you like and ones you don’t.
law dest

Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification Name Maths GCSE Req. English GCSE Req. Other Req. Desirable Qualifications Skills & Attributes Required for Success Guidance on Costs or Commitments
Law55 GCSEs at grade 5 or above.Reason logically and apply evidence to principles. Developed writing skills.Optional trips: London – approx. £100.

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