Inversity Monthly Challenge Success

Inversity April Challenge

Congratulations to two of our students who entered the Inversity monthly challenge for April –  Iryna was selected as runner up winning £200 and Harsidak won the public vote for his entry. This is even more impressive given that the winner is a software developer with a Masters in Engineering!

Inversity offers a unique learning platform where students engage with real-world challenges, focusing on both software development and AI skills. These challenges require participants to diagnose problems, devise creative coding solutions, and present their findings, with the option to utilise AI tools.

Participants have the opportunity to win £1000 prizes, sponsored by companies seeking to hire talent from Inversity. Additionally, Inversity provides courses on AI and ‘uniquely human’ skills essential for success in the tech industry, along with personalized learning paths to address individual skill gaps.

The challenge that Iryna and Harsidak were successful in was set by the CEO of Ipsos with the question ‘How can technology help us work out what people are thinking and turn these insights into action?’

The talent and engagement of our students in challenging themselves beyond the curriculum means that the College is top of the Inversity Leaderboard ahead of three of the sixth forms in our multi-academy trust and Aquinas College, Priestley College and King Edward 6th Nuneaton. Our students were also successful in the Hackathon event earlier in the year.

Iryna and Harsidak are pictured with Computer Science and IT teachers Keiran Ash and Laura Nevin who make these opportunities possible for our students.