Support for Remote Learning


Our aim is to ensure the ongoing education of Worcester Sixth Form College students in the event of any period of remote learning. Students will receive a full complement of teaching following their timetable as far as possible whilst the College is closed. Teachers will set work for key lessons ensuring that students maintain learning across a broad spectrum of subjects.

Expectations of Students

Students must follow the rules set out in the College’s Acceptable Use Policy and are expected to attend all timetabled remote lessons.

Students should:

  • Install the most up-to-date Teams app on your home PC and mobile devices ensuring they have working speakers or headphones and a microphone so they can verbally interact in live lessons and webcam/mobile camera, if required
  • Find a quiet space away from distractions that also has good internet, Wi-Fi­ or mobile data access
  • Check College email and Teams Calendar for noti­fications of live lesson meetings
  • Login promptly and join the Teams meeting at the start of each lesson
  • Comply with the College Student Code of Conduct as if they were in College
  • Be respectful of others in the language they use, both verbally and in chat

Expectations of Teachers

There is an expectation that wherever possible teachers will be following their normal timetable.

Teachers should:

  • Set work using Teams and ensure all students in their teaching group are added to the group.
  • Set appropriate work that equates to the usual number of lessons and the usual length of the lesson.
  • Clearly identify the intended outcome of work.
  • Monitor the completion of work set and offer feedback which helps students to make the required progress
  • Raise any concerns relating to student engagement, attendance or conduct with the tutor or Head of Year.

How can Parents help?

Parents/carers should do all they can to encourage and support their son or daughter with their remote learning including finding an appropriate place to work, checking that set work is completed and, as far as possible, ensuring that all online lessons are attended.

Parents/carers should:

  • Remind their son/daughter of the principles of the Worcester Working Week;
  • Contact us if there are issues in accessing remote learning;
  • Make a plan together with their son/daughter about the work they need to complete and prioritise what they need to focus on;
  • Encourage their son/daughter to fully engage with remote learning and make the most of any opportunities provided.

Digital Learning Support

We have produced the below welcome and introductory videos aimed at further developing your skills and confidence with this platform. The Introduction to Teams video is fantastic at providing beginners with the first steps for accessing and using Teams.