Why Study Further Mathematics?

If you enjoy Mathematics, both for its practical applications and for its own sake, you relish the challenge of problem solving, and A Level Mathematics is just not enough Maths, then Further Maths may be a subject be for you.

Further Mathematics is always taken alongside A Level Mathematics and between them they give students a deeper and broader knowledge of Mathematics, both Pure and Applied. Further Mathematics is particularly useful for students preparing for courses at university in Mathematics, Engineering, Physics and Computing and is looked on very favourably by the top universities. For entry to some university Mathematics undergraduate programmes, Further Mathematics A Level is essential.

Why Study Further Mathematics at Worcester Sixth Form College?

At Worcester Sixth Form College, students are taught by a team of well qualified and highly experienced A Level specialists. We share ideas and work together to develop teaching styles, methods and strategies that benefit our students. Many of the department staff are also examiners for Edexcel, providing us with a deeper insight into the best way to answer the A Level exam questions.

First year students are entered for Further Maths at AS Level. This allows for students to take Further Mathematics as a fourth subject, while keeping the option of studying three subjects in the second year.

Further Mathematics students are strongly encouraged to join the Maths Academy, which provides extension activities for A Level Mathematics students. In the weekly sessions, students explore topics and ideas not covered by Mathematics or Further Mathematics A Levels. These include Group Theory, the concept of infinity and multiple infinities, and using probability to create simulations.

The Maths Academy provides an opportunity to participate in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, and our students often progress to further stages such as the Kangaroo Challenge and the Maths Olympiad.

Anyone wishing to pursue a higher education course in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science or similar would benefit from attending the Maths Academy. Students considering a degree in Mathematics at a competitive university, should consider studying Further Mathematics.


Ashley Williams

Further Maths - Nunnery Wood High School
I chose further maths because I enjoyed maths during high school and found a passion for the subject, so further maths has allowed me to understand the subject on a much deeper level. I especially like the mechanics part of the course as it has allowed me to apply the pure maths that I have already learnt, to real world models, modelling how objects would move. In hindsight Further Maths goes well with my other subjects (A-Level Maths, Physics and Computer Science) as there is a large overlap with the subjects – especially physics as you learn some of the physics content during the further maths course, but in a much greater depth. I am on track to go to the Oxford University where I hold an offer.

Progression Opportunities

Further Mathematics provides a basis for subsequent quantitative work in a wide range of higher education courses and in employment.

In recent years, our students have gone on to study a variety of subjects at university including Mathematics at Cambridge, Durham, Oxford and Warwick amongst others, Engineering at Imperial, Southampton and Bath, Geology at Cardiff and Exeter and Computer Science at Cardiff.

Some students have also chosen to enter the world of work, pursuing apprenticeships at companies such as Worcester Bosch and Mainstay Group.

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Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification Name Maths GCSE Req. English GCSE Req. Other Req. Desirable Qualifications Skills & Attributes Required for Success Guidance on Costs or Commitments
Further Mathematics8If you have a grade 7 in Maths you will be advised on an individual basis.A graphical calculator with statistical distribution function required: approx. £80.

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