Alex Daw to launch new riverside cafe venture!

Congratulations to Alex Daw, teacher in the Visual and Performing Arts, on his new business venture.

Alex, who also runs mobile catering company, Little Al’s Kitchen, recently announced that he had won the contract to take over the now vacant cafe on the riverside after the City Council put the site out to tender. Alex says that the cafe will re-open as Cafe Viaduct.

In today’s Worcester News, Alex said: “We are planning to have a barista coffee machine with all our staff being barista trained as well as serving all homemade food with vegan options too. We want to serve quality food and are very keen on fairtrade products too. It won’t be a restaurant, but there will be a good selection on offer. We get the keys in a couple of weeks then there will then be another couple of weeks refurbishment before we open properly. For the first couple of weeks we will be opening on weekends only so we can address any teething problems which may arise.”

Good luck!