Geology Students visit Dorset

dorset geology

Our second year Geology A level students spent four days in Dorset last week, studying the sedimentary features of the Jurassic coastline. Students interpreted genuine fossilised footprints of the diplodocus, deduced the palaeoenvironment of ancient ammonites and had numerous opportunities to visit a range of geological structures including the UK’s oldest active oil rig. The…

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Geology Trip to Malvern Hills


On 18th June Geology students went on a field trip to the outcrops and quarries of the Malvern Hills. This was a day trip to look at some local rock formations and act as an introduction to rocks in the field. Students had the opportunity to put what they have learnt in lessons into practice…

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North Sea Core initiative – Geology

Geology teacher and three students with core samples donated to the College.

North Sea Core ( is a voluntary initiative to try and save North Sea geology cores in response to the release of core material by oil and gas companies, through the relinquishment, abandonment and decommissioning of fields in the North Sea. Their aim is to provide core as material for outreach and education. Dr Leo Newport, teacher of geology, leaped at the…

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Geology students visit the Isle of Arran

Twenty-five Geology A level students from Worcester Sixth Form College visited the Isle of Arran last week to learn about the geological history of the British Isles. During the six day visit the students were able to put into practice some of the theoretical concepts that they have learnt about over the last 14 months.…

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