Success in the Linguistics Olympiad

Alicija Kelly
Congratulations to twelve English and Modern Foreign Language A Level students who participated in the UK Linguistics Olympiad achieving awards and high scores.

Carlotta Capocci, Rebeka Wittich, Katie Harris, Zoya Zaman Bi completed the Advanced paper and whilst not awarded medals, performed well. In the intermediate paper, Caitlen Kelly received a Silver medal placing her in the top 20% nationally and Alicija Kelly, Lauren Bibby, Maja Borjaska and Ivanina Kurteva were awarded Bronze placing them in the top 35%. Grace Leon, Freya Hughes and Sariya Hussain missed out on a medal but received high marks.

The Linguistics Olympiad is a challenging competition which requires participants to solve linguistic data problems. Only 14% of the entrants come from state schools which makes the achievements of our students even more notable.