Alumni Darian Enthuses Student Union

It was great to welcome back (remotely!) College alumni, Darian Murray-Griffiths, to speak with the Student Council as they make preparations to get off to a flying start for the 2021-22 academic year. Darian spoke to the Union about the importance of enrichment and engaging with the community to enrich themselves and others. He noted how being a rounded individual, with the capacity to be yourself, is so important.

In preparing for September, the SU discussed:

  • The election of committee members to vacant positions with elections due to take place on 17th June;
  • How best to promote of the SU at Taster Days for new students in July and at Induction in September;
  • Media and publicity, including the potential for a SU specific social media accounts; and
  • Their 3 priorities for next year to include internal action (e.g. the environment and sustainability), external charity work and a how to develop the public speaking skills of those involved.

We look forward to supporting the initiatives and fundraising efforts of the Student Union in the new year!