College support for Welfare for Healthcare

During the first lockdown, the College promoted its support of the Welfare for Healthcare initiative led by a parent of one of our students. Welfare for Healthcare have now launched a new campaign entitled ‘Music for the Soul’. This is a novel, collaborative, music project providing a performance platform for musicians, whilst creating a 365-day playlist to soothe the soul and boost well-being. The musical pieces will be dedicated to the NHS but with a wider vision to bring hope, light relief and joy to many more.
A number of our students are in the process of preparing pieces for this cause. Former student, Grace Shepherd, has already written and performed (vocal and instrumental) a touching song called ‘Comfort a Stranger’ which can be watched below.
To support this fantastic campaign, please go to the fundraising page and make a donation and/or buy a gift from Shop – Welfare for Healthcare. #nhs #fundraising #welfareforhealthcare #alumni