Cyber Club

Have you ever been interested in cyber security and want some experience? Have an interest in ethical hacking and want to learn new skills? Or do you have little experience in computing and want to start somewhere? If so, consider joining Cyber Club.

Cyber Club is an extracurricular club where students learn about the basics of cyber security through Cyber Discovery, HM Government’s Cyber School Programme for students aged 14-18. It’s focus is to build the next generation of cyber security experts through a range of activities, such as cracking codes, using virtual machines, programming and utilising injectors. It goes through four stages:

  • CyberStart Assess Made for students of any capablities, Assess gives you a set of challenges that represent actual scenarios faced in the field of cyber security.
  • CyberStart Game Students who have pass Assess can qualify for CyberStart Game. Game will present a range of challenges that will test your ability on cracking codes, finding flaws in security and much, much more.
  • CyberStart Essentials Students who have gained access to Game will be able to utilise the hundreds of hours of content in Essentials. You will learn far beyond what you were taught in game, maybe even beyond GCSEs or A-Level.
  • CyberStart Elite Top-performing students will be hand-picked to be able to take part in Elite. This face-to-face event will present a fun and rewarding experience that will accelerate your entry into cyber security. During Elite, you will meet industry leaders, listen to talks from specialists and take part in team events, such as capture the flag.

Here’s what some of the participants said about the course:

“When I first join Cyber Club, I had very little knowledge about cyber security. But after completing Assess and completing the many challenges of Game, I’d say that I am considering a future in cyber security! The challenges presented were confusing at first, but there was always a real rush after cracking a hard challenge.” – Thomas Brothwood

Interested? Cyber Club is on every Wednesday at 2 pm in 3.9. No commitment required. Come join us!