Former student attends Downing Street

Darian Murray-Griffiths, who completed his A Levels in Classical Civilisation, English Literature, History and Politics in 2020, was invited to Downing Street in early October to discuss race relations in the UK, following the success of his speech at the Worcester Black Lives Matter rally last June.

As a result of the coverage of Darian’s speech, he was invited to meet with Prime Minister’s Faith and Community Outreach Advisers to discuss Darian’s opinions on race relations amongst other things. Subsequently, Darian was asked to write a report on how to reconcile diverse communities within modern Britain. The report will be submitted as final evidence to the government’s Race Inequalities Commission and can be read here:

The speech that Darian delivered at the BLM rally can be watched ( or the transcript read (

Darian is currently reading History and Politics at Christ Church College, Oxford, and we look forward to following with pride and interest the other many achievements we are sure he will have.