Student Union Candidates

We are excited ahead of our Student Union Presidential Election in which all students will have an opportunity to cast their vote.

Below are the supporting statements for each of our candidates.


“I am Elle and college has been a bit of a roller-coaster me like many of you. I’d describe my self as a weird work-aholic that cares an awful lot about others. I throw myself into any activities that may help people and make a difference, so I’m applying for the role of president of the student union. I believe that everyone should have their voice heard and know that the opportunity to speak with teachers and leadership is not always possible. The student union is a chance to give people this opportunity and if I am elected as president I will listen to any ideas students may have and help to enforce these ideas wherever possible. There is no doubt that more support should be available for those with mental health issues and learning difficulties and that is something I want to improve with your help; I understand the difficulties you may face at college whether they be mental health based, support-based and academic as I have felt them too. My main concern, as a possible president, is to work with you to alter elements of college life to make it a safer and more comfortable space for all students, especially in difficult times like this pandemic. I want to help to make sure that you have a say about the way college is run and the facilities and opportunities available to you. Your voices are valuable and deserve to be heard and I hope I can help in this process as president of the student union.”


“As a politics student myself, I recognise that politicians have a history of lying for the sake of votes, or making false promises, or simply following their own agenda to achieve what they want, not what the people want. Right here, right now, I promise you that this isn’t my plan. I have a few ideas, sure, especially to do with how the college functions, but my aim is not to put into motion my ideas but fight for the ideas of the people I want to be president of. In truth, my own agenda is small. I will push for better food options in the canteen, healthier options and in my term, I will focus a lot of my effort on mental health support. In this uncertain time, we can do nothing but accept it and make the best of a bad situation, so I want to provide as much help as possible, including an upcoming mental health support group run by your peers. I will do as much as possible for you while we are still in lockdown, but one of my main priorities is making sure that post lockdown we make the reast of our college experience as good as possible. We deserve it.

If you make me your president, I will devote as much of my time as possible to getting things done for you. Your ideas are my priorities. Who is better to ask for ideas than the people themselves? I have a history of leadership. I successfully campaigned for year long stint as head girl at my high school, of which I am sad to say was cut short by the pandemic. I can’t swear that I will achieve everything for you, we both know some things just aren’t possible, but if it is possible, I will do it. As your president, that is the promise I will gladly make. I’m strong willed, stubborn, efficient and, above all, willing to listen. It is your college. I refuse to be a weak leader, or a detached leader. I am not above you, nor am I more important than you. I am one of you.

Vote for me and you give power to yourselves. You give yourself a platform for change. If you vote for someone else, you don’t have the same guarantee as I am giving you- someone who genuinely wants to make the changes you ask for, and actively will.”


“As someone who has come to the Sixth Form College from outside the Worcestershire area, I see it as an opportunity to bring with me some different perspectives and experiences of education to bring to the table, having lived in The Wirral, Merseyside, and Wales. I feel because of this range of experiences I am a good representation of the different backgrounds of my peer group and I would love to use my knowledge to contribute or help improve the student union. I am a firm believer in trying to see everybody’s point of view and I wish to bring that strength to the student union.

I understand only a select few people join the student union, but I know there is a large majority of individuals who wish for their views and opinions to be heard, that without representation may not have had them taken into consideration. I want to take the views and ideas of all people into consideration, no matter what they are, positive or negative. I want the student voice to be heard.  I also want to bring about more transparency within the student union, with decisions that affect my peers directly and I want our decisions made to be more available so that they can be scrutinised so we can adapt and evolve better as a body. My goal is to have everybody’s interests in mind, scrutinise and discuss ideas thoroughly, and make sure that decisions and notions are not rushed.
To some people, meetings can be stressful or seem like a drag, but I see them as an opportunity. I want to bring a more enjoyable aspect to them, as a positive environment fosters more efficient teamwork and ideas are given a thriving environment to be encouraged. I will still maintain the structure and organisation but keep the atmosphere fun and enjoyable, so people feel more at ease bringing their ideas and opinions forward. I have already been lucky enough to be chosen as a student Governor for the Sixth Form and so far, I have attended one meeting that I found very interesting. It has offered me an important early insight into the running of the College and the decisions that must be made and discussed to keep students safe and educated. This underpinning knowledge would be very useful to bring to the student union and help put into perspective the role and context of the student voice.”