BLMW by Eltayeb Bashar

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BLMW is Worcestershire’s official Black lives matter chapter. It is a group of young people who work towards the goal of achieving greater representation for black people in Worcestershire. Our first protest took place on June the 13th 2020 at the Worcester racecourse and was a response to the murder of George Floyd. It was led [...]

Borwell Work Experience by Jonathan Ash

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Upon my arrival at Borwell, I was greeted by Vicki who was really nice and took me to meet the Cybx Team. I was given a work experience booklet which had all of the activities for the week. They were very organised and I instantly got stuck in to the part, enjoying every part. Day 1 [...]

Morgan Motor Company – by Henry Jones

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I recently completed a placement at Morgan Motor Company in Malvern During the placement I helped in many different areas of the factory such as the chassis shop, wood shop, PDI, machine shop and trim shop. In the chassis shop I helped to put the engine in the car and hook that up along with attaching [...]

St Richard’s Hospice by Evie Pugh

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My week volunteering at St Richard’s Hospice has been brilliant! I’ve loved every bit of it. I started on Monday; the first thing I did was to get a tour of the hospice. It’s a lovely building, everything looks so new. There is a whole project underway, it’s called ‘Build 2020’. Thanks to the public’s donations [...]

Malvern Panalytical by Sophie Hall

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I went for a week of work experience at Malvern Panalytical, a science and business oriented company that makes extremely precise measuring devices. I was walked through the process of a research and development project in a team of three, which took me from product design and an evaluation cycle, through designing circuitry and soldering circuit [...]

Cinematography Work Experience by Kai Kennedy

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When helping with the production of the ‘A Day in a Life’ college film, I absolutely loved capturing the essence of what life as a student at Worcester Sixth Form College is truly like with the endless possibilities that can be had there. Filming the film helped with my experience of producing as I helped with [...]

‘My First March’ by Evie Pugh

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On Friday 15th March teenagers across the UK came together to protest against Climate Change. I went to Birmingham to join in. Me and my friend hopped on the train at Foragate Street and took the 45-minute trip to Birmingham city centre. We were both a bit nervous on train journey there as we had never [...]

Morgan Motor Company by Dan Rickman

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I spent the first day in the Chassis Shop, helping to assemble the Chassis of a V6 Roadster that would be heading to a dealership in Europe. As well as mounting the 3.7 litre Ford Cyclone engine, capable of 280 bhp, I also attached the rear axel. Day two was in the Tin Shop where the [...]

Work Experience at Choice Radio

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I recently went for a day’s work experience at Worcester Hospital Radio – Choice Radio. It was help set up by June Devonport in Student Services and I loved every minute of it! I was shadowing one of the DJs there – David, he was a super nice guy and answered all my burning questions, there [...]

Ignotus Travel by Max Ryding

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Social media, too many it is part of everyday life from messaging friends, to uploading your best ‘selfies’ with the hopes of gaining more likes and followers. When I first started my BTec IT assignment ‘Using social media in business’ I had no idea the role social media played in helping businesses achieve their goals and [...]

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