‘My week at Morgan Motor Company’ by Dan Rickman

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I spent the first day in the Chassis Shop, helping to assemble the Chassis of a V6 Roadster that would be heading to a dealership in Europe. As well as mounting the 3.7 litre Ford Cyclone engine, capable of 280 bhp, I also attached the rear axel. Day two was in the Tin Shop where the [...]

My Work Experience at Choice Radio by Evie Pugh

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I recently went for a day’s work experience at Worcester Hospital Radio – Choice Radio. It was help set up by June Devonport in Student Services and I loved every minute of it! I was shadowing one of the DJs there – David, he was a super nice guy and answered all my burning questions, there [...]

Ignotus Travel by Max Ryding

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Social media, too many it is part of everyday life from messaging friends, to uploading your best ‘selfies’ with the hopes of gaining more likes and followers. When I first started my BTec IT assignment ‘Using social media in business’ I had no idea the role social media played in helping businesses achieve their goals and [...]

Thinking About University by Evie Pugh

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Like many other teenagers across the UK I’m starting to look at going to university. It’s proving to be quite a stressful process. There are soooooo many good courses to choose from, but it’s not just about the course, it’s about the location, where your friends are going, the cost of living and how far away [...]