‘Conservation Pioneers, work experience at West Midland Safari Park’ by Lily Delevigne

work experience at West Midlands Safari Park

“At West Midlands safari park, we learnt a numerous number of skills needed for zoology. On the first day we learnt how to conduct health checks which included checking eyes and ears and nails on several animals including Harry the corn snake, toothless the bearded dragon and the 4 rats. In Addition, we also learnt how to clean out the ferrets and goats. On the second day we conducted an ecological map on the SSSI and mapped out different ecosystems such as heathland and Forrest and did some willow weaving in the afternoon for the chinchillas and rats. After that we recorded the chinchillas and rats’ behaviour before and after the enrichment we made for them. On the final day we were lucky enough to conduct a clean in the rhino house and were even lucky enough to touch Barney the rhino. Moreover, in the afternoon Chloe and a few other keepers spoke to us about universities and job opportunities in different animal care fields and Chloe lead us through a mock interview. Overall, the experience was a very positive and all the staff were so nice and welcoming. Everyone was so helpful and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions we had about universities or personal statements.” – by Lily Delevigne, pictured with Emma Field.