Why Study English Literature?

This course invites you to explore the whole human experience and to discover different worlds through engaging with a wide range of literature: novels, poetry and drama. As part of the course, you will learn about the lives of writers, the historical and social contexts that affected their writing, and consider critical reactions to the texts whilst forming your own opinions. You will also develop skills in written and oral communication, interpretation and analysis.

Why Study English Literature at Worcester Sixth Form College?

We have a team of dedicated teachers at Worcester Sixth Form College, who teach very enjoyable lessons using an extensive range of resources. During the course, students have the opportunity to attend theatre trips to see productions of set texts, and also visit universities to attend lecture days.

Year on year, students studying this subject at College achieve excellent results.

Progression Opportunities

You may choose to go on to study English Literature as a single honours subject or in combination with a related subject such as Media, Journalism or Theatre Studies. Past students of English Literature have gone on to study a diverse range of subjects including Law, American Studies, and Egyptology.

You will find that the English Literature course equips you with interpersonal and communication skills that are highly valued by other university courses and career paths.

English Literature Liv Hall

Liv Hall

English Literature - North Bromsgrove High School
It was at high school that I found my aptitude for English Literature. At first I was hesitant to choose English Literature as an A Level subject because of my perception that the step up from GCSE to A Level would be too difficult a transition. However, I recognised that an A Level in English Literature would be an excellent qualification to attain and thought I'd take the risk. Thankfully, I made the right decision by choosing the course as I found that I’d grown into the subject and massively expanded my knowledge on literature as a whole. It can be noted too that there was immense support granted by the English teaching staff, which meant I felt really supported during the transition from GCSE to A Level. One element I like about studying this course is the subjective nature to it. This essentially allows me to craft and present my own logical interpretations in my writing. I also really enjoy the analysis of our set texts, mainly because they are extremely varied, allowing an additional varied sense of exploration. I have found that my other subjects (Photography and Media Studies) also tie in really well alongside literature, due to the creative and potentially subjective nature they all share. This subject has additionally helped to strengthen my essay writing skills, which is useful for Media Studies. I also think the combination of these subjects has provided me with a strong educational foundation for the future. In relation to the future, I am still debating on what is the best route for me. University is in my options, but so is an apprenticeship. Despite my uncertainty, I am adamant on going down the route of creative writing/journalism, marketing or potentially photography.
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Course Specifics / Entry Requirements

Qualification Name Maths GCSE Req. English GCSE Req. Other Req. Desirable Qualifications Skills & Attributes Required for Success Guidance on Costs or Commitments
English Literature4GCSE English Literature at grade 4 or above. Refer to department if not taken.GCSE English at grade 5 or above.Commitment to read and research widely. Willingness to participate in group discussions.Theatre visits optional but highly recommended. Optional purchase of set texts (approx. £30 per year).

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