Geology students visit the Isle of Arran

Twenty-five Geology A level students from Worcester Sixth Form College visited the Isle of Arran last week to learn about the geological history of the British Isles. During the six day visit the students were able to put into practice some of the theoretical concepts that they have learnt about over the last 14 months.


We were able to see a full range of rock types from sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. During the first couple of days the students were taught how to identify the rocks and structures but by the end of the week they were able to interpret the geological history themselves and any cross-cutting relationships within a range of locations. We were also able to witness the fossilised footprints of a giant millipede over 50cm wide alongside visiting Hutton’s Unconformity – where modern geology began! 


This was all part of the compulsory fieldwork that students have to complete as part of their A level Geology. They were also able to have a number of practical assessments signed off as they work towards completing their practical endorsement certificate.