Ignotus Travel by Max Ryding

Social media, too many it is part of everyday life from messaging friends, to uploading your best ‘selfies’ with the hopes of gaining more likes and followers. When I first started my BTec IT assignment ‘Using social media in business’ I had no idea the role social media played in helping businesses achieve their goals and what other uses these networks had to businesses other than advertising.

During the course of this assignment, I had been nominated by my teacher (Kiel Vaughan) to work closely with a new and up and coming travel agency that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to pick and choose a surprise holiday that has been fabricated to your own filters and needs.   

Bring in Ignotus ….

Ignotus Travel (https://ignotustravel.com/) were the clientele for which I had worked with during my assignment. The innovative concept that they were putting forward fascinated me as I had never heard of anything like it. The unique Idea came from their founder Frano Lubura MBA, of whom I had the pleasure of working with. Frano was needing help platforming Ignotus Travel across 3 social media networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), here Kiel must have seen an opportunity not only help Ignotus platform themselves but to also see real-life clients to be involved with the assignment.

After an introduction with Frano and an interview process (Over skype), I was able to find out more information about the problems that Ignotus were needing to overcome. All the information and support that was given to me during my assignment by Ignotus (in the form of information when requested) enabled me to complete high-quality social media plans that could be implemented by Ignotus right away to resolve the engagement issues that they were facing on the networks. These plans included content creation, time schedule for posts and target audience analysis to name a few. Over time I found that not only my own understanding of the subject and assignment grew but so to the quality and effectiveness of the content I was producing.

I soon came to the realisation that these skills and plans I had been producing could be used in a future career, social media marketing is an already in-demand job role and will continue to be for many years. I had grown to understand the specific requirements of a successful business profile while also using insights to improve my content each time (Using websites such as ‘Metricool’ to obtain data). This experience would definitely help me pursue a career within this field and is a reason why I truly think anyone with the desire for social media should try BTec IT to turn their hobbies and interests into valuable skill sets to be used in the future.      

One of my most successful posts featured Dubrovnik (King’s Landing For you GOT’s fans). This content was posted on Ignotus Travel’s Instagram page @IgnotusTravel.   You can see the post by clicking here.