Morgan Motor Company by Dan Rickman

I spent the first day in the Chassis Shop, helping to assemble the Chassis of a V6 Roadster that would be heading to a dealership in Europe. As well as mounting the 3.7 litre Ford Cyclone engine, capable of 280 bhp, I also attached the rear axel. Day two was in the Tin Shop where the aluminium bodywork is manufactured. Here, I was cutting and assembling gearbox covers. Day Three saw me working in the wood shop, where English Ash is used to create the frame for the cars. Ash from Belgium was originally used, however is no longer due to Shrapnel dating to WWII being found embedded in the wood. Here, I assembled the floor for the fuel tank, and prepared wheel arches.

I then moved into the Factory shop, where a lot of the components are manufactured or prepared. I spent the day cutting down windscreen wipers, as well as drilling and assembling spare pedals. I began Friday with an exhilarating trip out in the ex West Mercia Police plus 4, before heading into the trim shop where I was cutting the leather wallets that go in the glove box and preparing the foam which lines the doors.