Work Experience at Choice Radio

I recently went for a day’s work experience at Worcester Hospital Radio – Choice Radio. It was help set up by June Devonport in Student Services and I loved every minute of it!

I was shadowing one of the DJs there – David, he was a super nice guy and answered all my burning questions, there were quite a few! I met him in the main reception, it’s quite a trek to the studio. I saw how the everything was set up and it’s so clever, you just type a song in on the computer and the next thing you know it’s being broadcast out the speakers. There are so many different lights and buttons that need to be pressed. There’s a light that flashes yellow if the phone rings for someone to make a song request and if you make a song request, The DJ has to play it, so it’s worth making a request.

The first programme was called ‘Country Music Classics’ and aired 11-12am.  I was nervous to begin with and I got two singers names wrong, but David got me involved and chatting and you soon forget there are actually people listening!

The second show was ‘The Fabulous Fifties’ on 1-2pm. I didn’t know much about fifties music, but it was an education and towards the end of the show, I realized that BBC programme ‘Call the Midwife’ was based in the 50s, so I got the much loved soundtrack up on my phone and was soon suggesting songs.

We went straight into The final show that was on 2-4pm, this one was my favorite! It was called ‘Musical Memories’ and David let me play all my favorite songs for two hours, I think he only got two songs of his choice in the end! I was in my element talking about songs that have shaped who I am. Much to David’s surprise (I think) I was into all music genres, from Frank Sinatra – ‘That’s life’ to ‘Shotgun’ by George Ezra. David let me talk to my heart’s content about them and I even got to shout my friends out live on air!

I had a such a great time and they have even invited me back! I would like to thank David especially and everyone else at Choice Radio for letting me have such a great time there David made it look easy, all I had to do was talk! The show wouldn’t run without such a dedicated team of volunteers.

You can listen live or phone to make a song request here: