Morgan Motor Company – by Henry Jones

I recently completed a placement at Morgan Motor Company in Malvern

During the placement I helped in many different areas of the factory such as the chassis shop, wood shop, PDI, machine shop and trim shop. In the chassis shop I helped to put the engine in the car and hook that up along with attaching the suspension and breaks and some of the side panels onto the car. In the wood shop I made the wooden “panholds” which is what the fuel tank sits on and I also helped on other drilling projects to do with the front of the car. In PDI I polished, hoovered and cleaned all the cars that I was asked making them all clean and shiny making sure they were all complete before they were sent out to their owners. This section took the most work as it required a lot of effort to get the cars looking shiny and it left me achy. The next section was the machine shop where I put the copper washers into the accelerator and brake peddles and also helped to assemble the bumper brackets and the roof latches. On the last day I helped to make the rubber matting that the battery sits on in the three wheeled cars and also made the wallets that the manuals sit in at the front of the car. In addition to this I was allowed to go around Malvern in a Morgan which was fantastic and I really enjoyed it!

The best thing about the placement was the people who I was working with as they were really kind and great fun to be around. I also enjoyed the experience of working on the cars the hands on nature of the work experience was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every second of it.

This placement was useful because it gave me an inside view of how the factory worked and what it was like to work there. It was also a good insight into a section of mechanical engineering which is something that I’m interested in so I’m glad I did this.