WSFC A Level Geography students enjoy picturesque Lake District visit!

On the 25th September, thirteen Worcester Sixth Form College Geography students headed to the Lake District to do some independent research for the NEA component of their A level. These students had specifically opted to study physical systems and were interested in Glacial Landscapes and Geomorphological processes.

Students collected data on questions they had formulated themselves such as ‘What evidence is there that the Easedale and Borrowdale valley were formed by glacial processes?’ and ‘What are the factors affecting the formation of glacial cirques?’

Lina Jacobsen, subject leader for Geography, said: “The students worked both independently and in small groups helping each other to collect the necessary data. Students worked under our supervision but with limited guidance as per NEA rules so it was a really good opportunity for them to put into practice the skills and learning over the previous 12 months”.

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